Press release regarding welcome program to recently formed France-Nepal Amity Group

H.E. Ambika Devi Luintel, Ambassador of Nepal to France organized a programme yesterday evening to welcome the recently formed France-Nepal Amity Group members. The Amity Group consists of 19 members of the French National Assembly, the lower House of Parliament.

Welcoming the guests, H. E. Luintel shed light on the importance of building up and expanding relations between the parliaments of France and Nepal as the formation of the Group has been a solid step in strengthening relations between the peoples of France and Nepal. She reiterated the profound gratefulness to the Government and people of France for their support and solidarity in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015. She mentioned about the affinity between the people of Haute-Savoie, les Hautes Alpes in France and mountainous regions of Nepal. Several French mountaineers and trekkers have developed abiding relations with our high hill communities, helping them with the running of health posts, schools, income-generating schemes, to name a few, she elaborated.

Speaking at the programme, H.E. Veronique Riotton, who leads the France-Nepal Amity Group, appreciated the hosting of the programme and said that the Amity Group will play an important role in strengthening relations between France and Nepal. She further added that France and Nepal can work together on sustainable development and other matters of mutual interest.

H.E. Riotton is the Member of Parliament at the National Assembly from Haute-Savoie, a mountainous region of France.

Mr. Thierry Mathou, Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France expressed the confidence that the formation of the France-Nepal Amity Group will contribute to further expanding relations between France and Nepal.

France-Nepal Amity Group is a group of Parliamentarians in the French Parliament set up to enhance bonds of goodwill and understanding among parliamentarians of France and Nepal, thereby augmenting relations at peoples’ level. The most recent one was reconstituted in early November this year and consists of 19 members.

Former Ambassadors of France to Nepal, Mr. Michel Lummaux and Mr. Gilles Henri Garault were also present on the occasion.

Authentic Nepali cuisine was served in the dinner which was well appreciated by the distinguished guests.



6 December 2017