NCOVID – 19 Threat | NEPAL TOURISM Status Update

NCOVID – 19 Threat | NEPAL TOURISM Status Update
Kathmandu | 26th February, 2020

This is to bring you all the updates on the current status of Nepal regarding the threat of the Wuhan
Coronavirus (COVID 19).

• Ministry of Health Government of Nepal has confirmed the only “positive” case registered so
far has been a Nepali national, who is now fully recovered. He has been discharged from the
hospital within the week once the last observations on the test results were done. (Source:
Ministry of Health, Government of Nepal)

• To date, besides the above-mentioned case no other Nepali or citizen of another country has
been identified as being infected by the virus. (Source: Ministry of Health – Government of

• The 175 university students and Nepali nationals who were brought to Nepal on 14th of
February 2020, from Wuhan, China, were sent to the special quarantine unit away from
human settlements with all modern testing and monitoring facilities. They will remain in
quarantine for 2 weeks before their discharge. So far none of them have shown signs of the
infection nor confirmed as being infected by the virus. (Source: Ministry of Health –
Government of Nepal)

• The security measures taken at the Airports, Borders and Hospitals etc are still active in the
same manner and a special Task Force team is actively overseeing the measures taken, under
the direct supervision of the ministry of health. The Ministry is also furnishing a daily
SITREP to the World Health Organization (Source: Health Ministry – Civil Aviation
Authority of Nepal (CAAN)

• Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (STIDH) – Kathmandu is now equipped
with a special unit with all the required medical / staffing facilities and is ready to serve the
public in any situation that might occur. Other hospitals under the instruction of the Ministry
of Health have certain sections isolated and kept ready for any eventuality should that arise.
(Source: Ministry of Health – Government of Nepal)

• Steps are already been taken to create awareness on the outbreak among tourism industry and
general. Accordingly Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism and Nepal Tourism Board are
working closely to combat the spread of the Coronavirus within all tourist hotspots of the
country. The Government is vigilant to ensure that the safety of everyone.
As such, we are pleased to inform that we are doing our best to keep Nepal safe with whatever
resources we have from the COVID 19 threat. Should there be any changes on the ground we will
keep you updated.

As of now, no cancellations or alterations are required for travel to Nepal.

Please visit the World Health Organization (WHO) link below for safety tips while travelling